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We are incredibly humbled to be able to work with such an inspirational designer. Kane works with shapes all day long, to bring us some of the most striking designs available and blow our minds with bold colours and geometry.

Check out our collection as we take a trip inside the illustrative mind of Defaced Studio.

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PHIRE Gaming

PHIRE Gaming is a renowned ESports Team with a global fanbase. Founded by a team of elite players, they remain committed to improving their skills, achieving victory and creating an entertaining experience for their dedicated fans.  Catch them in action at their next competition!

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PROJECT Universe

Vespertine Apparel and Gaming is very proud to be supporting Project Universe. PU aims through game development and universal support, to prepare humanity for the future as a spacefaring species colonizing other planets. Providing tools and resources for free to simplify the process of reshaping society peacfully and without harm.

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