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We are honoured to be partered with The Sirens! They are an all girl gaming discord with competitive players in both Apex and COD leagues. Offering a safe community for female gamers alike, The Sirens is a one stop shop for friendly competition!

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ELITE Racing Team

We are excited to announce our new Partnership with Elite Racing Team (ERT). A selection of competitive ESports racing drivers, predominantly driving on F1 2020. Keep your eyes on them as they aim for greatness and many, many fastest laps!

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Builder of The Ancient Dojo and Deadly Gaming Kumite Champion. Here to deliver unprecedented amounts of positive energy, inspiration & entertainment. He is a 25 Year Old Father, and content creation is his passion. His aim? To build a community capable of achieving heights never before heard of in the industry!

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ONE HUB Racing

We are thrilled to be Partnered with One Hub Racing. Their incredible leagues have been running for over 8 years as an unofficial Esports Racing League exclusive to the PS4. Hosted on Codemasters Formula 1™  Games, One Hub offers drivers the chance to race weekly and live the life of a real F1 driver through both on and off-track experiences unlike any other.

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We are so proud to be Partnered with LiamRBS. Liam is a Content Creator on Twitch. Founded by Liam himself, the LR brand is based on his love for motorsport, as a huge fan of Formula 1 he prides himself on performing to the highest level in Virtual racing. Catch him live most days over on Twitch.

Merchandise coming soon!

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We are proud to be Partnered with the fantastic SS_BlueFoxx. He is a long time gamer who ventures into games across the Racing, FPS and Action RPG genres. Racing often in Friday and Sunday F1 XBox Leagues and always striving to provide entertainment and maximum engagement. Head on over and give him a watch, you won't be disappointed!

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Dedication is a substantial part of how much success you have in this industry, and they've got it at Ascension Gaming. A talented team, committed and passionate; the perfect combination for any Esports/content Team. Watch their players competing at the Highest levels in Rainbow 6: Siege, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Rogue Company, and many more!

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Supported by Vespertine

PROJECT Universe

Vespertine Apparel and Gaming is very proud to be supporting Project Universe. PU aims through game development and universal support, to prepare humanity for the future as a spacefaring species colonizing other planets. Providing tools and resources for free to simplify the process of reshaping society peacfully and without harm.

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We are incredibly humbled to be able to work with such an inspirational designer. Kane works with shapes all day long, to bring us some of the most striking designs available and blow our minds with bold colours and geometry. Check out his collection as we take a trip inside the illustrative mind of Defaced Studio.

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